When Sending your Child to Private School is Ruining your Budget

Group of students wearing uniforms

The number one question I have is this: Am I being selfish not sending my child to private school? As a parent I believe we have all faced similar questions because you want your child to either have a better childhood than yours or at least equal to the one you had.

Do you love your child any less? No, but it is simply not in the budget to spend. I have struggled with this particular question for months now. I have redone the budget a hundred ways and the simple fact is this WE CANNOT AFFORD IT. Yes, I got the guilt trip from my own parents who say we can help but at this point I believe it would be unfair.  Not only would I be stressed about the monthly bill, but it would eliminate any extra activities. If you are debating on sending your child to private school please first way the pros and cons and take a hard and realistic look at your budget.

1. Calculate your budget and see the amount you have left to pay for private school

2. Evaluate the burden it would have on your family

3. Call the school to see if they have an scholarships or financial assistance available.


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